An Aspera Replacement - Resilio Connect the Fastest File Transfer Solution

Announcing Resilio Connect

Move large files at faster speeds than Aspera by combining WAN Optimization and P2P. Resilio is several times faster than Aspera when data is moved across multiple agents.

Resilio Connect is the leading high-speed data transfer solution for enterprises that reliably delivers data at rapid speeds over any network. Resilio's transfer speed is 10 times faster or more than existing transfer data software like Aspera in one-to-many data distribution scenarios.  

Why upgrade from Aspera to Resilio Connect as your file transfer software?

Fast - Send bulk files at lightning speed

Resilio Connect's P2P (peer-to-peer) technology leverages the power behind endpoints connected in your network for fast and reliable data transfers. In one-to-many scenarios, Resilio Connect outperforms any other file transfer solution. The Receivers in a "point-to-point" model will download file pieces only from the Sender. In the case of P2P, most of the file pieces are coming from other Receivers or "Peers."

In addition, all transfers are WAN Optimized and Resilio is smart about detecting file changes and eliminating unnecessary data delivery.

Scalable - Send file P2P to unlimited endpoints

Aspera users encounter scale issues when data needs to be sent to more than one destination, or when there is a need to handle millions of files. Connect is a versatile solution that has no limits. It can handle any number of files and the more endpoints you add in your network, the more powerful the Connect engine runs.

Cost Effective

Resilio Connect is not priced by data transferred or by maximum speed. It is licensed based on the number of endpoints and allows you to go as fast as you can and move as much data as you need.

Calculate how much faster you can go with Resilio Connect.

Source: Resilio